Peter Gustavus

21. 10. 1946 born in Berlin
since 1984 married to his second wife Namoko Shamaya-Gustavus, father of three children
since 1964 six-year administrative training at the Berlin Senate
1972 Beginnings of artistic activity as a hobby
since 1974 three-year administrative studies at the Administrative Academy Berlin with degree: Dipl.Kam.
1977 first encounter with Africa (study trip to Morocco); Beginning of my development activities at the German Development Service (DED) in Bonn
1978 study trip to Kenya
1979 Sahara-Sahel crossing (by car from Berlin to Bamako / Mali )
1980 – 1981 first DED mission abroad in Nepal; there intense preoccupation with the painter
1982 – 1984 second DED assignment abroad in Zambia; Beginnings of African influence on painting
1987 Study trip to Zambia
1988 – 1992 Foreign assignment as project consultant with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe in Lesotho;
Travel to other countries of southern and eastern Africa;
Designs of tapestries
1992 return to Berlin and intensification of my artistic activity
1995 further study trip to Zambia and purchase of a farm in Zambia;
Admission to Quarts e.V.
first public exhibition of pictures; others followed
1999 serious illness resulting in early retirement;
Journey to Zambia with intensive artistic activity
2000 severe heart surgery
since 2000 painting has become my main occupation
2001 Journey to Zambia with intensive artistic activity
2003 member of the curatorial team of "local art 2003 - open studios in Tempelhof / Schöneberg"
Beginning of cooperation with different artists of Lichtenrade
2004 Creation of the idea, a German-Zambian exchange of art and artists as well as an art forum on the Shazula farm, further construction of the farm
2005 Intensification of the artistic cooperation with the artist Rosa Therese Harter
Start of work on the German-Zambian exchange project
2006 Intensive preparation to implement the Shazula Cultural Forum and continuation of the exchange project.
2007 Failure of the exchange project because of various reasons (fire in the house and communication problems), beginning of building the Shazula Cultural Forum
2008 Opening of Shazula Cultural Forum in Magoye; first art exhibition in Lusaka/Zambia
2009 up to 2017 Concentration on Shazula activities (art, intercultural education, creative tourism), Intensive art activities, exhibitions in Zambia and in Germany
since 2017 Shutting down Shazula Cultural Forum, since then concentration on art work in Berlin /exhibitions and other art activities in Germany as well as voluntary work in the context of refugee aid



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